General Information

Duplicate submissions and test submissions from OTF staff (20 in total) were removed from the dataset. OTF’s proposal system was introduced in October 2013. Prior to this time, the only information requested in the OTF application form pertinent to this visualization was the amount. In addition, a question was added on whether the applicant had previously applied to OTF on June 2015. All missing information was manually added by OTF staff. All other applications included requested this information. OTF previously provided a portion of this information publicly through our Annual Reports. These reports are not aligned with the calendar year and thus variations between this visualization and the reports should be expected.


All Projects by Targeted Region

Data Information

Since OTF began requesting information around the geographic focus of an application, a custom set of regions was relied on. The application form is transitioning away from this custom implementation in favor of a regional breakdown that is more widely established. We selected the regions relied on by the United Nations Statistics Division in its publications and databases. This page provides a breakdown of countries in each region. Some regions did not allow for a direct conversion. In these instances, such as converting one category (Middle East & North Africa) into three (Northern Africa, Western Asia and Southern Asia), an assessment of each application was performed manually and adjusted accordingly.

It should also be noted that the original regional breakdown intentionally omitted North America, Western Europe, Northern Europe and Oceania given that the OTF program is limited to supporting projects focused on repressive environments. As we transition our application submission system to the new regional breakdown, we intend to ensure all regions globally can be selected to better understand the extent of applications focused on those previously unavailable.

In the OTF submission system, applicants are free to select any combination of regions including global. Please note that these self-selections may not be exhaustive nor is it an indication of where an applicant is based. Applications which included both global and specific regions were treated as global in the visualization in an effort to prevent regions from being counted twice.

All Projects by Amount Range

Data Information

The amount listed for funded projects is the same as the amount that was originally requested. This may not accurately reflect the amount of funding received for the project due to fluctuations resulting from the OTF review process. Future visualizations will accurately reflect the amount requested as compared to the amount received. Please note that the start of each category after the first adds one dollar to the amount shown.

All Projects by Focus Area

Data Information

The dataset was visualized by dividing the number of focus areas listed by 1. For instance, if an application lists Access and Privacy as its focus areas then each area is assigned a value of 0.5. For definitions of each of these focus areas, please visit OTF’s homepage.

Applicant Distribution

Project Distribution

Data Information

Both of these categories were included because OTF receives new project ideas from previously funded applicants. We consider this a distinction worth reflecting. Please note that the OTF program is not structured to provide broad organizational support. This results in a distinct scope of work any time a previously funded project is supported again. OTF does not currently ask applicants if the project they are proposing is new or existing hence no data is available.